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Sound Oasis is a place where music meets wellbeing. We produce albums that are especially designed for yoga, meditation and healing. Through the soothing vibrations of acoustic instruments, you will drift into a deep state of meditation and relaxation. Enjoy the Sound Oasis albums in your own time.

Katy Tsai, Musician Katy Tsai (Pianist)

My passion is to create and cultivate wellbeing through music. My music training began at the age of five on piano and since my debut performance at the age of ten, I have been familiar to the stage, both locally and internationally.

Having studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, I have developed a unique eclectic blend of styles drawn from classical, contemporary and film music. Combining my love of music and keen interest in spiritual wellbeing has inspired me to create the Sound Oasis albums.


Bek Wermut (Percussion/ Guitarist)

Bek Wermut started playing piano at the age of five and later went on to learn percussion and guitar. She completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in music and psychology in 2000 and went on to study music therapy in 2005.

She has done extensive training in the use of rhythm for healing and wellness, and puts this into practice on a daily basis in her work as a music therapist. She also performs on various instruments with some of Sydney’s finest musical acts.

Tina Marsden (Flautist)

Tina’s diverse musical background encompasses classical, popular, jazz, Latin and Celtic music. The evocative sound of her flute has captivated audiences across Australia, Europe, Canada and South Africa.

She has appeared as soloist with orchestras and has collaborated on solo, ensemble and film music recordings in Sydney, Brisbane, Berlin and Munich. Tina has been a keen meditator for nearly a decade. Her interests lie in blending musical know-how with her own experiences exploring consciousness, to create spaces that encourage inner reflection.