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Yoga & Live music community event with Lululemon 2018

Spotify Talks August 2017- Mindful music. How music affect our health and wellbeing

Live Performance at Conscious Club event 2017

Sound Oasis has been honoured to be published for their contribution to the community through music meditation.

Music Meditation on ABC Radio ABC radio national broadcast February 2015 - click here for details
ABC radio national broadcast September 2014 - click here for details

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Green Lifestyle Magazine Online Review 2015
Music and Meditation

WellBeing Magazine 2014 Annual Edition
Music and Meditation
International Light Yoga Journal Oct-Dec 2014
Meditation with Music

Green Lifestyle 20142013
Music and Meditation Meditation with Music

Mosman Daily 2014

Katy Tsai in Mosman
Mosman Daily 2013

New Zealand Journal Natural Medicine 2013, Issue 11

Meditation CD and Music for Meditation

Mosman Daily 2013

Katy Tsai, Sound Oasis

Mosman Daily 2010

Sound Oasis, Pianist, Katy Tsai
Inner West Courier 2013

Katy Tsai Meditation with Music

Mosman Daily 2009

Sound Oasis, Sydney
Mosman Daily 2011

Katy Tsai, Pianist, Sydney